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One day THE BOSS OF THE UNIVERSE (voice of Christopher Lee) calls JOY (Selma Brook), a very human young angel in training, to do a job in Notting Hill. 

Her client GEOFFREY (Ryan Mercier) is a lonely, unattractive young man who hardly notices anything else but himself. He lives a hermit’s life in a shabby little bedsit that he shares with his flatmate, the plush dog MR. PRESIDENT (voice of Sir Christopher Lee) - the last memory of his dead fiancé REBECCA (Renée Castle). 

Geoffrey is lost in his fantasy world of the past, tortured by memories of Rebecca. His stubborn loneliness upsets Rebecca’s ghost. Joy’s mission is to find a way to get her client back into life. She has failed on her first job – this is her second chance and not an easy task. Geoffrey hardly notices her first and it needs a lot of magical appearances until he opens up.

To add to the confusion, Geoffrey falls in love with his guardian angel.

Geoffrey’s workplace is the magical, old-fashioned antique shop “Alice’s” - a wonderland of fairground relics that hides a macabre collection of skeletons and dead animal embryos in its basement. His boss, the motherly MISS ALICE MAPLE (Tina Gray), is a warmhearted, wise old lady with a deep trust in life who never gives up and believes in miracles although her shop is nearly bankrupt.

Joy tries all sorts of tricks to attract Geoffrey’s attention. She has the power to be in any place at any time in any shape and to change her look on the go. But she still loves her human body too much for a heavenly creature - and she has missed life on earth. Once ago she was human herself - a gangster bride in Notting Hill in the 1920's, but she hates to remember her past. 

From now on the impossible becomes daily routine in Geoffrey’s life. Even his toy companion Mr. PRESIDENT (voice of Christopher Lee) begins to talk and becomes a good, critical friend. After a magical dinner with Joy, hosted by the mysterious BOB (Vadim Kosmos) Geoffrey enters a twilight world and meets Rebecca’s spirit who begs him to let go of her and return to life.

Next day he meets SUZIE (Stefanie Wallis), a dubious backstreet-girl in an abusive relationship, who lives on a riverboat. It could be a serious romance – but it begins with a big disappointment...  

Once more Joy has to come to rescue. But this time she goes too far and makes a pact with him: she will stay until Geoffrey will send her away – but would he ever do that? The mad, impossible attempt of a normal relationship between an angel and a dreamer. Dream and reality clash. Hopes become headaches. But Joy can't leave until her client is willing to let her go and both are ready to move on into a new future - on earth or somewhere else. 

After the angel has finally left, Geoffrey meets Suzie again and moves to her riverboat. Where will this journey end? Wherever the river flows...





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